Photo of the therapy room in Callista Spa II

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The Callista Experience

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/k∧llIsta/ [adjective] Greek: The fairest

Photo of traditional hot beverage being served in Callista Spa II


Kindly note that Callista Spa II and the fitness center will not be operational and the opening date for these facilities will be announced soon. In case you would like to have Spa treatments, our Front Office team will be glad to make specific arrangements in collaboration with an off premises place.

At our Spa we believe that beauty is the harmony between body, mind and soul. In keeping with our philosophy, the Callista Spa offers a range of wellness therapies, beauty and face treatments to help you relax, restore and rejuvenate.
With Callista Spa II, we bring years of expertise on health and well-being to Castello Infinity Suites by adding our brand wellness spa – Callista. In Callista Spa you can enjoy alternative therapeutic methods, massage treatments and beauty therapies all done with locally produced amenities from natural resources, friendly to the nature. Additionally, in our spa center, several locally developed products are available for purchasing.


Agia Pelagia of Heraklion
Crete, 71500